Friday, March 30, 2007

8 days on the road and i'm gonna take a shower tonight.

We made it to Atlanta, thank god. We have been camping off the side of the road in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia for the past 8 days. 8 days of 85+ degree weather. We've been wearing sunscreen which is very greasy and attracts dirt and dust making Ira and I feel like powedered doughnuts. Except instead of being white, sweet and tasty, we were dark, stinky and crabby. Once we got to Dan's house, our host in Atlanta, we immediatly bee lined it for the bathroom. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be clean. You can never really experience this state of cleanliness until you have experienced and wallowed in our state of disgusting dirtiness for days.


My hair is so tangled, I had to pull it apart to get it unclumped from my bun.


I not only feel human again, I feel feminine. Ahh, it is such a releif to be able to walk within 6 ft of another human being again and not be horrible embarssed of my stench.

I ran out of clean clothes and had worn everything for mutliple days dirty, I had to resort to doing my laundry in a McDonalds bathroom sink. If anyone had seen me, the probably would have looked at me with disgust as though I was a homeless freak, but I don't care. I had clean underwear and socks. Clean clothes can only go so far, when you skin is still caked with dirty grim and dead skin. Feeling the warm water of the shower hit my skin was like heaven and seeing the dirty water filter down the drain was one of the most gratifying experinces of this whole trip.

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