Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Katrina Grafitti

Riding through the neighborhoods which heavily affected by Katrina, I noticed all the houses had similar spray painted marks on them. Asking around I found out they were markes left by rescuers to notate which houses had been searched. The mark is an x and in each of the four quadrants represent different information. In the top quadrant is listed the date the house was searched. In the left quadrant is listed how many people were rescued from the location. The other quadrants seem to vary, but generally listed is the agency which seached the location, number of people rescued on the left and number of bodies found in the bottom. Most houses list a zero for bodis found. Its so eerie to see that listed.

We past a couple of houses where they list how many dogs were found dead or shot on the property as well.

Depending on what neighborhood you are in, the water levels varried to how high it got. In one of the worst neighborhoods, Lakeview, you could still see the waterlevel marks left by layers of scum on the houses. The city stayed flooded for 3-6 weeks so the water definitly had time to leave its mark.

Here you can see the water level reached to the top of the windows and doors.

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Anonymous said...

This is some seriously crazy shit. I never saw anything like this in the news. Thanks for all the informative pictures. I hope you took even more!