Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As you know, this tour is a work in progress.

Up until now the goal was to follow the Gulf Coast and then cut straight across to the East Coast, meeting the Atlantic somewhere near Georgia or South Carolina. I'm feeling bummed out by the endless flat terrain, resort homes, refineries, and hurricane wreckage, and Andrea is pretty much on-board. This is ok because we chart our route day-to-day and can do anything we want.

Smoky Mountains National Park looks like a good place to check out, so we're aiming the bikes in that direction. That means we'll see rural parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia; probably visit Atlanta, and check out Knoxville and Asheville. I'll also be able to bring the bear rope back into action. After that we'll continue east and pick up the planned costal route.

That's the plan for now, subject to change at any time. Let us know if you live along the route and would like a visit. We're always looking for a shower and cool people to meet.


Anonymous said...

ira I have a dear old chum Craig Olsen he lives near ashville n.c.he made his living as a photgragher he used to do ad pamphlets {make a hot dog stand look like the hilton) he used to say he had cover photos on a number of mags when you get near there I can call him ok? Nardo

RW said...

Ira & Andrea.
cheers to the decision to go through northern ga. that's my country. foothills of the appalachians.

it looks like you're a bit out from the region, but i recommend a stop in athens, and a b-line up sr-106 to carnesville, and a stop at my folks place.there should be some fresh spinach by then, and parental hospitality. they love visitors to the ol' farmstead. on toward helen, and a stop in a new vinted cabin/house, or the trout streams. or...

if you can get out of atlanta(where i could help you with a place to stay if you do go through and to athens (also places to stay), then it's a beautiful ride north up to nc or tenn or wherever.

Ryan Wilson