Saturday, March 24, 2007


First Southern state line crossing with a sign!
This morning we crossed a big concrete bridge through cypress swamps. Every spooky creature you can imagine lives back there, and people around here hunt them all.
This picture was taken while Wesley, a world traveler and diver that we stayed with two nights ago, was telling us about hunting fish in the Gulf. We met him at a gas station and asked about camping in the area, so he invited us to stay at his place and cooked Red Snapper and some other deep-sea fish for dinner.
Andrea took Wesley's picture before we left- he's such a cool guy to hang out with and swap stories. We were completely tired when we showed up the night before and he let us shower, and after a great dinner, sleep in his spare room. He was full of good regional jokes, and had the kind of personality that made us feel like we'd known him for years.

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That guy looks awesome.
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