Friday, March 02, 2007

so we put the bikes together yesturday. it is strange, i thought it would be wierd to get back on them. get used to riding loaded bikes (which are really wobbly at first until you get used to it) but ira and i were both commenting it felt totally normal.

sorry about the reflectors, they make it really hard to take pictures.

So Ira and I are both really anxious to get on the road but we feel like we should hang out here for a couple of days to check out the city. Last night we went over to South Congress where they were having "first thursday" which they have every month. Its like a sidewalk arts and crafts thing with street music and food. We got these amazing hickory smoked turkey legs for $1 a piece, and they were huge!! I felt very primal knawing off the bone. I think Ira just felt very masculine.

We checked out the thrift, antique and chotchke places up and down the strip and ira had to drag me out of a couple because i was bound and determined on spending money i shouldn't on a set of 8 square dancing high ball glasses. (i collect glasses ok, its my vice). Then he was dragging me out of the boot shop. It was very clear I couldn't get a pair tho at $350 and up.

more later.


Val said...

yum ... primal gnawing ...

don't let that give Ira any ideas.

amber said...

wow. good times. mazel tov on starting your second leg. i wish you were headed northwest again though.

good luck! drink an east coast microbrew for me.

-amber in vancouver