Monday, March 26, 2007

Red dirt and pine trees.

It's hot and we're both sweaty blobs of gross! If I was a sedimentary rock my layers would be red dust, bugs, and sunscreen.

Alabama is beautiful- maybe you already knew that, but maybe not because we haven't seen a lot of tourists here. We've been riding wooded, rolling hills with pretty little southern towns every ten miles. There's obvious poverty all around, but it could be what makes people so willing to help us out.

I've seen road signs with bullet holes all over the country, but down here it's hard to find one without them. It's also hard to find good produce! Next watermelon I see is getting eaten.

We've been riding at around 200 feet above sea level, dipping to 80 now and then. I'm going to try and keep track as we make are way toward the Smoky Mountains.


Anonymous said...

Ira-You've got a little gun thing going on lately!!

Andrea said...

hey y'all-
this is andrea i live in chicago (moved from atlanta about 3 yrs ago) and i'm friends with sara hunt, sarah higgins and pat. sarah higgins mentioned that you guys will be going through atlanta (not sure when exactly) pretty soon so i wanted to give you some ideas of places to check out:

flying biscuit- most amazing biscuits ever. i rec. the candler park location as its the original and a great neighborhood:

97 estoria- a few of my friends work there and they have a decent menu and cocktail selection and the neighborhood (cabbagetown) is pretty cool:

el myr- since moving to chicago from atlanta i still haven't found as good a burrito (west of cali) as the ones they make here, cheap margeritas too:

youngblood gallery-is a great artist collective that opens its boutique doors on the weekend, kinda like a tiny version of renegade craft in chi:

lennys-used to be this great dive bar that was super cheap and had good shows, it has moved to a new location since i moved up here. i can't really vouch for the new space, but they still have cheap shows-- and i know you like to dance andrea, and you can def. shake it here on one of the dj nights (march 31st looks like a great night for that!):

there is a great new bike collective that just started up about a year ago, but the name escapes me. if i remember it i will post again.

good luck and enjoy the beautiful southern spring!


Andrea said...

hey this is andrea again, i remembered the name of the bike collective:

if you need anything bike related they will take care of you.

Anonymous said...


i just stumbled on your blog tonight. i spent 2 hours reading every post you and ira have made. i must say i was very entertained. i really admire the strength and courage this journey has taken. keep posting as i will be checking back frequently. you guys will be my escape to the mundane corporate life i am now living! stay safe and gods speed! a.cozzi

Anonymous said...

Phil here in Chicago,

YAY! The South!

Chicago is still routin' you on!

Andrea said...

got r did.