Monday, April 02, 2007


Our first time in Atlanta overwhelmed expectations. The urban texture is diverse and interesting, from the old buildings to the young hip kids to the gritty side-streets and neighborhoods, and everyone took great care of us.

Atlanta has has gardens around every corner- it's the greenest big city i've ever seen. There are houses like this less than a block from dense, walkable neighborhoods. We stayed in Little Five Points area but got a chance to see a large part of the city by bike.

On Saturday we road bikes all over the city with Jeremy and Jessica. We had some good recommendations of things to check out and our hosts had the day off.

Faster Mustache is a non-competitive bike organization and we had a blast at their second birthday party at Lenny's. There was a manic tricycle race and we rocked out to Snowden. It made waking up early and riding to Athens into an adventure! I wish we could have spent more time dancing and partying but we had a schedule to keep.

As we sat out on our hosts' roof in the summery night air, having drinks and chatting with passers by, I felt glad to be back in an urban area and hanging out with people of our generation. Thinking back, the last week of Alabama back roads seemed like an epic journey full of trials, all leading up to this. I realized that I could spend much more time in Atlanta, but that I will never experience the city or the country in quite the juxtaposition that we have acheived on this trip.

Thanks Dan, Kim, Simon, Jeremy, Jessica, Owen, and everyone else who made our stay fun!

Our elevation is about 1000 feet- only 4000 more 'till the Smokies.

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