Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cherokee Chotchke

While we were staying in the motel over Easter weekend due to the cold, we spent our time in Cherokee shopping at all of the bargain souvenier shops. They all wanted to let us know just how far they could take the discounts. This is the kind of shoping I like to do, because everything is cheap, ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

The irredescent lines shimmer as they spiral around the figures of Jesus and fellow apostles and below an idylic waterfall scene with zebras. Only $16.99

Who doesn't want a wooden keepsake box with hotrod, chopper or beautiful mysterious native moon women images? only $7.99

I bought these amazing bear earings for only $1.00. I win!

They've got everything; hats, giant underpants. What more could you want?

The tension down here between the wolf population and african americans is realy hard to deal with. Only 15.99!

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lying said...

thank you wonderful folks once again for making time vaporize and transporting me vicariously to the places you've been. i miss you two and i hope your inspiration rubs off on me somehow, sometime.