Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here's some long-overdue backtracking. First: Ryan Wilson.

Ryan put the fun in Northern Georgia, by proxy.

He's one of our newer friends in Chicago and he really came through with the connections. We don't know most of our hosts before we arrive in their city; friend-of-a-friend is the standard degree of seperation. Ryan knows outstanding people in both Atlanta and Athens, and now we do too.

We stayed with Sayrah and her roomates in Athens, and she and Lauren showed us around town. Above, lunch @ Big City Bakery.

We had so much fun.

We visited Ryan's parents' place the next day. It reminded me of growing up in Northern Wisconsin- paradise.

Second order of business: Tallulah Falls.

We rolled into town and were greeted by a pair of brothers in the process of opening a resturant.

We asked for a place to camp and they fed us some gourmet digs, on the house. Check out the Tallulah Gorge Grill if you're in town.

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