Monday, April 23, 2007

The Midwest update

Just a few notes to bring you up to speed:

Andrea's sister is getting married this weekend in Michigan, so we flew back for the wedding. The bikes are hanging out in Raleigh, NC untill we get back.

We had a great time in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Our new friends Sarah and Lincoln hosted us and gave us a place to dry out all of our sopping wet gear. I had a chance to lay everything on the floor and take inventory. Some heavy tools went home, and my leaky sleeping mat is being warrenteed. Andrea spent a lot of time with their cute dog Annie.

The wedding is this weekend so check here for some pictures of us dressed to the nines.

In the meantime I'll be soaking up the summer. See you next week.


Lawyer Jim said...

You must be looking forward to getting back on the road. Watch out for the east coast drivers.

Karl Lukhaup said...

Hey! My friend Shanecee said to check out your blog. I am currently in Chicago and about to tour up to Mackinaw. Any route recomendations. I want to go strait up the Michigan west Coast.
karl klukhaup

T.C. O'Rourke said...

Hi Andrea and Ira.

T.C. back in Chicago. I knew about your trip, but not about the Blog, which I stumbled across through lawyer Jim. Very cool & inspiring indeed.

Isn't it amazing how much worse delirious light-sleeping can make a bad situation?

Good luck!