Monday, April 02, 2007

Suprise: Atlanta.

We never really plan our routes too far in advance. Up until we rode inland in Mississippi, we were still unsure if we were going to ride the coast or go appalacian. I was torn both ways, but Ira was the determining factor voting to hit the smokey national park. As Atlanta was on the way, we decided to stop by. I don't know what I thought Atlanta was going to be like, but I wasn't really that interested in the city. I was totally amazed being there. The city is beautiful. Greenery everywhere. The south is amazing right now, its all in bloom. The flowering trees are amazing. The roads we've been riding in Alabama are covered with curtains of blooming whisteria vines. The apple and dogwood trees are all exploding as well as the hydrangias.

Not only is the city beautiful but we were lucky enough to fall in with some really fun awesome kids here who knew the best spots to hang out and were in on all the fun parties. We spent the day riding around getting a feel for the texture of Atlanta. Besides all the neighborhoods of nice houses with beautiful gardens, we saw the industrial sections where the urban street art takes over.

As Ira said in his post, we went to the Faster Mustache party and it was Super Fun (it must be capitolized!). Jeremy put a post on the site telling everyone about our trip and a link to our blog. I felt like a rock star. I got free beer and I had a couple people come up to me and ask if I was the girl riding my bike around the country. I've never been randomly recognized in a strange city by unknown people before by my reputation alone so my ego was being stretched a bit. I danced my asspants off. It was great after roughing it on the road, camping off the side of the road dirty and tired, to be in an urban environment hanging out with the beautiful kids of atlanta dancing drinking and having fun.

We didn't bring our camera, so this pic came from a slideshow of the party from the faster mustache site.

We finally rolled into bed at 2:30 am. Our over inflated egos where totally deflated the next morning when we had to get up at 8 to get back on the road. Hung over and sleepy, we rode 70 miles to Athens. All in all, thank you Atlanta- you made everything fun!

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