Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I just wanted to do a quick list of thanks to people who have helped us along the way so far....

Alee Peoples for many gifts and much support.
Margo, Steve, Connar, and Alexandar Powell, for an unexpected gift before departing.
The Riverside Bicycle shop in Oscoda MI for excellent advice.
The Woodland Louge and Resturaunt in Shingleton MI for lettings us camp out back behind the bar.

For the hospitality and food:
Virendra and Sherry Singh in Mattawan MI
Steve , Margie Scott, and Zak Drohn (my uncle, aunt and cousins) in HowellMI
My Mom and Dad
My sister Emily and Jason her fiance in Flint
Fred and Nancy Cross (my aunt and uncle) in Oquioc Mi

Thanks everyone for all you have done!


Hagenface said...

Any more pasties to be found?
I love those things!!!!!
I almost forgot about them.My Great G-ma used to make me pasties when I was just a young lad.
I'm going on a quest for pasties tomorrow.
Oh yeah...thanks fer callin Ira.

Hagenface said...
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