Friday, June 02, 2006

Andrea wants to marry a lighthouse keeper.

On Thursday we camped on Lake Huron for the first time. We stealth-camped right on the shore and it was amazing. The lake is huge on the horizon and feels like the edge of the earth. Cellphone coverage is patchy up here.

We've been riding 23 N, as Andrea mentioned. The are a lot of big trucks but the shoulder is generous.

The bike shop in Oscoda is owned by one of the greatest guys ever. He gave us the in on getting around town, which was a big help. His wife(?) was awesome too and took our picture for their wall of photos.

This is a picture of Andrea warning us about Zebra Mussels.

I love the Great Lakes so much. I don't think anyone on the East or West coast realizes how amazing they are. If things get tough I seriously think the Great Lakes States should form our own county. It would be a Mad Max stronghold around the fresh water and we would bring the world to it's knees. I guess we would have to make a deal with Canada.

There is so much nautical history around this area. I'll post later about the lighthouses, they are a facet of Michigan that I was fairly unaware of. Yesterday I saw a detailed chart of all the shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. Ships have be using and being claimed by these behemouths for quite some time.

Yaaar! Our next trip will be by galleon.

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Hagenface said...

I f-in love it up there.Oscoda is good fer canoeing and the old Airforce base is kinda cool to look at.At least I think its out of commision.
I think about youz guyz all the time.
It was Bob's b-day on Wednesday.Guess what happened.HE GOT DRUNK!!!!!
We just got done playing at Betty's Blue Star Lounge and packed the place.Wish y'all were there.
Good luck and keep us all posted as much as ya can.