Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If You Seek a Pleasant peninsula, Look Around You

This is Michigan's motto. Also is Great Lakes, Great Fun. We are defiantly enjoying the lake shores we have passed. Our very first day was spend riding down the coast of Lake Michigan. When we reached Bay City in Michigan, We hit Lake Huron for the first time and spent the next couple days riding along the coast of Huron on M23. Crossing the Mackinaw bridge, we spent a day riding along the northern coast of Lake Michigan along US 2 and now we have reached Munising and finally got our first glimpse of Lake Superior. Growing up in Ironwood, MI which is located 10 miles east of Lake Superior, I must say this is my favorite of the great lakes. It is huge, wild, and untamed. It is a very long ride through Michigan so it is taking us many weeks to complete this state.

Here I am before getting to Alpena in the lower peninsula. Once crossing we can say we are officially in the northland.

Here is a section of beach at my aunt and uncle's place near Roger's City, near the bridge.
This is a natural artesian spring flowing into Lake Huron and Ira getting excited about the bridge.

The U.P. is much less populated than the lower peninsula, so we have been able to pitch our camp for free. Two nights ago, we were camped out behind an abandoned motel and last night behind a bar in Shingleton. We have been trying not to eat out so much because after a couple of weeks of grilled cheese and fries everyday, we have gotten sick of fried foods. The smoked white fish I mentioned in my last post has lasted us for a couple of meals, and the protein is really appreciated by my body. We also have been drinking less alcohol as well suprisingly. After a long day on the road, we stopped by the bar we ended up crashing behind and had a couple of high lifes. It just gave us a headache. So I'm only gonna be drinking more than one beer or a swig of whiskey on off days.

We are having a rest day in Munising which is located just to the west of the Pictured Rocks state park. We went on a shipwreck tour, which I believe Ira is currently writing about. To give you more info, the lighthouse you saw in his post is from 1847 and was active until 1913. The picture of the ship was the Bermuda Schooner and was sunk in 1860. It was carrying 450 tons of high grade iron ore. Besides these highlights, we also enjoyed the rocky coast of Lake Superior It was very beautiful. This is how they got the name pictured rocks.

Tonight, we have a campsite right outside of town on the shore of Lake Superior. It is incredibly windy today, so I am glad we are not riding. We heard of a place which makes smoked fish sausage, so we may be munching on that for dinner. We also have to go to the laundromat. How exciting!!!

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