Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I <3 Marquette.

We're in Ironwood, MI right now, but we stayed in some pretty nice places since our last update.

Marquette is incredible. It is like taking Madison Wisconsin, removing 80% of the cheesy hippy shit, putting it on the most beautiful chunk of Lake Superior shoreline, and surrounding it with moutainbike and XC skiing trails. There's also a harbor, college campus, rivers, waterfalls, ect. There are no jobs, however, so the population is sparse like most of the U.P..

The Ojibwa Casino. We blew five bucks in fifteen minutes.

We met Steve Lindberg on our way into town. He was campaigning for State Representative by going door to door on his bike. Nice guy.

Scott and Erica were our generous hosts. Not enough can be said about their hospitality. Buy them beers if ever your paths cross.

We ate and drank at the Vierling Restaurant & Harbor Brewery. They brew 10+ different beers on site, available to go in liter plastic bottles. I recommend their stout(toasty) and blueberry wheat ale, which tastes much better than it sounds. Marquette is famous for blueberry production and this stuff is better than most fruit beers.

Andy Gregg is a great guy. He is involved in the MTB culture in town and makes furniture out of bicycle wheels. You may have seen his work at the Handlebar or many Chicago bike shops. We had lunch and rode out to Little Presque Isle together. We also met Stella at Rustico Furniture- she is a class act.

We wanted to go to the Maritime Museum, but that will have to be next time.


Erica and Scott said...

Hey Ira and Andrea!

We finally made it to your fabulous site. Thanks so much for dropping by on us...it was a pleasant summer surprise. We are so glad we could show you a good time.

For anyone who may put these fine folks up for a night or two as they make their way around the country, they are wonderful guests. We shared good food, excellent microbrew, and great conversation.

Ira, Scott has just made a cider in your honor...he used the method that you suggested (he did not boil the apple juice) and he is very excited about the possibilities :-)

Thanks to you both and best regards!
We’ll keep in touch.

Sam said...

I almost went to the maritime museum a number of times, but it never seemed to be open. Maybe I'm just a chump.

Steve Lindberg said...

Hey Ira and Andrea,

This is Steve Lindberg ... the guy who was (is) running for State Representative in the U.P. of Michigan. I won my Primary. Sounds like you are having a great trip. What a great adventure! Good Luck.