Monday, June 05, 2006


We crossed the bridge two days ago and are now starting our Western route across the great U.P. The U.P. has many advantages such as miles of stark forest and wilderness, rivers with cascading waterfalls over glacial and volcanic rock, and miles and miles of amazingly beautiful lakeshore, especially along superior. however there are some drawbacks. the term small town takes on a whole new meaning here. Small town on the maps in the lower penninsula had a downtown with gas stations and resturuants etc. small towns on the map up here probably have a church and a snowmobile dealer. a gas station if you're lucky. and no high speed internet, so sorry once again no pictures. but we'll make it up to you in the next week or so but uploading a bunch at once. we rode down US 2 along the lake michigan shore line which was breathtaking. Sandy dunes and beautiful placid views of the water gently lapping the shore. At Little Hog Island, we rode north to meet up with M28 which we will take to Marquette. Last night we camped behind an abandoned motel. We had picked up some smoked white fish, cheese and crackers at one of the many little stores advertizing smoked fish and pasties (u.p. soul food) along US 2. So we had a nice little dinner feast. There is nothing like smoked lake superior white fish, if you've never had it, you are missing out big time! Although the camp site was free, we paid for it in bug bites. I am originally from the U.P. (Ironwood which we are heading toward) and I can say, I've never seen so many mosquitoes in my life. But if you read Ira's last post, I am sure you got that already. today we are using the internet and shower facillities in Newberry MI. Any of you who don't know me out there my full name is Andrea Newberry, so I am pretending this town was named for me. Riding down M28 we are seeing TONS of logging trucks. I've read of logs of people complaining of them riding thru the U.P. However, they've been respectful to us so far, giving us our space. Logging is one of the few industries still going up here, so you have to respect the trucks that pay many of the families bills up here. We head toward Munising and the Pictured Rocks. We will update more later. Oh, and never mind my bad spelling and crazy punctuation and capitilization. Ira keeps complaining to me, because he wants to keep the layout consistent, however, I don't have time to spell check etc. More later.

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Meena said...

it's good to see you back in your home territory, andrea! i don't envy you after hearing your mosquito story, however. you guys are doing awesome; post more pics of these beautiful sites you're seeing!