Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taking a day off.

Munising has a great public library so I'm catching up on some internet time.

We just finished a shipwreck tour of the harbor. The guides were a charming brother and sister team: Captain Joe and Captain Kate. They showed us three different wooden ships from the 1800s.

The glass-bottom boat was pretty neat, but pictures don't do it justice.

Apparently wood does not decompose when submerged deep in cold fresh water. Salvage divers have retrieved billions of dollars worth of hardwood logs that were lost in nineteeth century timber operations.

This is the lighthouse on Grand Island. Grand Island has a healthy black bear population. They swim across the the channel from the mainland, which I think is mindblowing. Bears are both cute and massivly powerful, and the idea of a bear swimming is off my scale of great mental images. Next time I'm sitting on the el train and it's a hundred degrees out, I'll just think of a bear swimming through Lake Superior and the car will instantly be full of ice like one of those Coors commercials.

Happy trails cowpokes- we are riding to Marquette!

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