Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I seriously hate mosquitoes.

The UP is huge and desolate.

Everything is pretty, like this:

We have been eating smoked Whitefish every day. It is super tasty.

We rode through Seney yesterday, which is a massive chunk of forest with a straight line of highway scratched through it. The sun and flies were hellish and there was nothing to look at but pine trees. There are giant logging trucks, and we saw a pair of herons that were very majestic and prehistoric.

We ended up in an awesome small town called Shingleton, where the owner of the bar let us camp for free under some apple trees. Shingleton gets an A+ for hospitality.

We are in Munising right now and are about to go see some shipwrecks and giant cliffs.

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[165] said...

Smoked whitefish - two words that always cause envy with me. Delish!