Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today we sailed the 7 seas, flew a plane and were on TV!

We visited the National Geographic Museum in D.C. today. The current exhibit is for kids, but we had fun anyway.

I gave a weather cast on tv!

Here in DC, a clear day with no chance of rain, high in the mid 80's. Snow flurries expected in the north today. 12 inches of accumulation in Chicago. Sorry guys.

Then I sailed the seven seas. Here I am turning the rudder navigating with the North Star.

Made sure to secure my life preserver before stepping foot on my craft.

Next I took to the air in a chartered Jet airliner flying over the jungles of Malaysia to deliver supplies to our men on the ground.

I was only the copilot. Most of the responsibility of our safe flight fell on the shoulders of our 7 year old Captain Katie.

Then it was back to the sea to join an underwater shipwreck exploration of Blackbeards famed vessel, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Our exploits made us rich with booty and we became famous explorers!

Ira's earth shattering discoveries of new royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings made him famous. Today he was photographed for the cover of the National Geographic comming out in October of 2008!

Keep an eye out.

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