Thursday, May 31, 2007

Backing up. DC monuments

So, to back up briefly. Of course we would be unamerican if we took a trip to DC and didn't take a tour of the presidential monuments. Here are a couple quick pics.

Our tour begins with the famous Washington Monument.

A view of the Lincoln Monument across the reflective pool.

I spent some time people watching at the Lincoln Monument.

The Jefferson Monument. I think Thomas Jefferson was one of our most interesting presidents. He was a true renaissance man; he was a skilled statesman, inventor, agriculturalist, writter and as shown by the number of children he fathered, a very charming man as well.

Here is the Franklin Roosevelt Monument. It was really quite nice. Appart from the grandious architectural monuments, the FDR memorial combines art and nature as you walk a winding path which leads you past waterfall fountains and abstract sculptures. Interspersed are statues of FDR and Elenor as well as quotations carved into the red stone documenting his 12 years as president though the Great Depression to World War II.

As you leave the FDR memorial, you can talk a quiet walk under the cherry trees which over hang th Potomac. I was told this walk is breathtaking in the spring when the trees are all in bloom.

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