Monday, May 21, 2007

Stonewall Jackson

We've been passing through a lot of Civil War sites. On our way through Fredericksburg, we passed the Stonewall Jackson Shrine. This is the exact bed with blanket he died in. Above is his statue found on Monument Drive in Richmond, Va.

We also rode through the Fredericksburg battle ground. As we progressed through the 5 mile stretch of road, we could read signs describing the battle as it progressed. The woods today are peaceful and quiet which contrast so greatly with the scene descibed by historians. As I rode through the woods, I listened to the Cold Mountain soundtrack. It was a perfect choice, good blue grass which was supposed to sound near to civil war era music.

Here is the Fredericksburg Cemetary. All the mounds are different levels of graves on the hills. Approximatly 1800 deaths in 24 hours.

Although I can not consider myself to be a civil war buff by any means, it was difficult not to feel the impact of the scene. The surrounding land has been left completely unaltered (in terms of developoment) and the silent woods and beautiful meadow give off a definite sense of sombre reflection honoring the thousands of americans (union and confederate) who perished 145 years ago in the horribly bloody battle of Fredericksburg.

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