Thursday, May 10, 2007

The joys of camping.

I'm filthy, damp, and sore... oh, but the glory.

This is actually a pretty campsite though, isn't it? Andrea cooked up some chicken and cornbread and we exhaustedly climbed into bed. There was palpable humidity in the air, turning my waterproof paniers slick with condensation. In the trees nearby, a bird that sounded like a person screaming kept wrenching me awake all night. Also, Andrea didn't get any sleep because I was snoring. I think I'm going to buy a one person tent and camp at least fifty yards away so she'll stop elbowing me. Blissfully, I cannot hear myself snore. I wake up and say "What? I wasn't snoring! Stop hitting me!" and then apparently fall back asleep, sawing logs. Poor girl.

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Anonymous said...

i've got to hand it to anyone who takes what looks like a 900 page hardcover for reading material on a cross country bike tour. brava.