Monday, May 14, 2007

Its our 1 year anniversary today!!!

One year ago today, May 14, Ira and I checked out of our apartment at 2658 W. Cortez and began riding around the country. It was a rainy day as we rode to the Indiana Dunes State park for our first night on the road.

Here we are 1 year later, 7,300 miles later in Richmond Virginia on our way up the east coast.

For a look at our routes, click the links above in the header of our blog. Wow, what a year. We've struggled through 100 degree heat waves as well as freezing cold nights with 2 inches of snow! We've battled long droughts and torrential coastal rain storms. We've ridden though mountains, deserts, plains and hilly farmland. We've been in rural country scattered with small towns, in the uninhabbited stark forested wilderness with more moose then people as well as the biggest cities in the country. Thank you so much for keeping up with us through it all. We still have a couple months left before we hit our end goal of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I just read the entire blog, beginning to end. All I can say is: wow. I did not know people did stuff like this. Keep it up. I guess I'll have to do this soon too.

Matt M in Chicago

cmatta said...

If you need a place to stay in Philadelphia, drop me an email.

PS:I found you guys through Damara K.

Carl said...

wow a year now, good on ya! can't find your email but here's a link to photos of my new toy


[165] said...

Andrea and Ira - congrats on one year and your amazing trip. Thanks for taking the time to write and photograph portions of it - it is nice to read about the good things that still exist throughout the country.

Have a great rest of the trip! I will continue to read as long as you continue to post.