Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where did the sun go?

We're back in the States now after Vancouver and a ferry ride to Victoria.

The ferry to Vancouver Island held three hundred cars and the population of a small town. It was a sunny day and we had fun sitting on the deck reading.

We spent two days in Victoria, which has the narrow streets, alleyways, and old buildings of a European city. I should really say more because it was a nice place, but we were feeling scattered for various reasons and didn't get to do much besides sit on the waterfront and eat fried fish.

We've been under a shroud of gray for the last few days and it's weighing on us. The clouds are around all day, with rain shifting between ambient moisture and pissy drizzle. Yuck. People warned us about the rainy season but we were hoping to have a little more time before it set in.

Bob and Cindy have been treating us like royalty during our stay in Poulsbo, WA. They have an awesome dog named Dexter that loves frisbees.

We took the ferry into Seattle to spend the night with some ex-Chicagoans. We had the day to ourselves and met them after work.

Seattle is pretty nice, despite the rain. We spent hours at the aquarium.

It's creepy how much these guys look like the Cthulu.

Allan and Jenny (forementioned Chicago emigrants) showed us around Capitol Hill, the domain of Seattle hipsters. It was really fun and we had some good beers at the Six Arms Brewery.

There's a lot of in-between things I'm leaving out, much of which is notable. I'm hoping we have time to touch on more things in detail. Andrea will probably do a good job of this in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Ira and Andrea

Hello, You are in my home town, if I can help you at all send me a message either via E-mail or elswise.


rhea the vicarious said...

xoxox i miss you guys.

janice said...

Hey Marcus-It's Ira's mom-Nice to read your short comment-hope your doing well

Anonymous said...

Oh no! It looks like the dog has eaten Ira's right hand!