Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back in the high country.

We started climbing to Sherman Pass last night, riding untill sunset. At 5575 ft, forty-three hundred feet above the Columbia River, it was our second highest climb of the trip.

We camped in the Colville National Forest and got up at five thirty to reach the pass by nine thirty. Clif Bars are on sale everywhere around here so I snacked on the way up.

There are things called Chinook Winds that blow hot air down from the coast during the winter and trick the trees into thinking it's time for sap to run. Then the winter cold comes back and the trees freeze so fast they explode. That's what my legs felt like toward the top of the pass. We made it though, and coasted down to Republic.

Wild fruit is in season everywhere. I've been picking plumbs and apples on the roadside. Don't eat too much or you will get sick!

Here's our route through Washington so far.

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