Thursday, September 14, 2006

Out of the Country

Our trip is now an international trip. Here is Ira crossing into British Columbia.

We were all concerned about crossing the border. We made sure to both use the restroom before trying to cross incase we got detained again like last time. We were detained an hour coming back from Winnipeg four years ago and they wouldn't let us use the potty so we couldn't flush the drugs. Anywho. We were waiting in line and a woman in a uniform came up to us and started asking questions about our trip. I just assumed she was on break chatting with us. After three questions, where are you from, going, how long etc. She waved us through and said have fun. No IDs or anything. Oh you Canadians.

We're in Vancouver right now having an awesome time. More pics to follow.


amber said...

we miss you already.


hope the weather in victoria was as nice as it suddenly is here. c'est la vie.

DeDe in Port Angeles, WA said...

Thanks for staying in our backyard. If we would have known what the two of you were up to we would have wanted to keep you up by hearing stories of your wonderful trip. My kids and I think what you two are doing sounds just fantastic. Good luck, be safe, and thanks for sharing your experience with us. DeDe, Savannah and Dakota in Port Angeles, WA.

Ira said...

DeDe- Thanks so much for letting us camp in your yard! You really saved the day.

Amber- We miss you too! We're actually moving to Vancouver to live with you.

Anonymous said...

we'll leave that bedroom empty for you then.

say hi to san francisco for me!
hwy 1 is going to be absolutely glorious, as long as the fog clears. good luck!


Marcus said...

Hey, remember many hippies.

Marcus said...
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