Friday, September 29, 2006


Portland was a chance to see friends and soak up some culture.

I had a high-energy, armor piercing headache for the first day of our visit, but it went away in time to meet Nate for a pint at the Alberta Street Public House.

Favorite Portland things:

-Relaxing in Laurelhurst Park

-The skatepark, and locals ripping it up.

-Big lazy houses with huge trees hanging over the street

-Curteous drivers

-Visiting Lara

-Everyone rides a bike, not just the messengers, roadies, and geeked out commuters. There are totally normal looking people cruising everywhere.

-Powell's Used Bookstore was pretty nice too. I got a great travel writing book(soon I'll have no excuse for poor blogging).

-Mellisa and Jeff, our hosts in the city. High-quality folks!

The was yet another great city experience. We've met the coolest urban folks and the've been taking fantastic care of us.

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