Thursday, September 07, 2006

Getting closer to civilization.

This was our second pass in two days. Peice of cake.

I never realized how rural Washington was until this past week. Seattle and the coast are all I ever hear about, but our ride down Highway 20 has showed a wilder side.

"This business supported by timber dollars" is a popular sign in genral stores and gas stations that sit along train tracks in small towns all over Northeast Washington. Mills and logging employ most of these towns and the surrounding mountains show it. Some areas are scarred by near-clearcutting and others look well managed, but evidence of the timber industry is everywhere.

Towns are closer together than they were in Montana and the larger ones all have natural foods stores and arts centers alongside the western clothing outfitters and welding shops. They are vibrant rural communities with a suprisingly diverse population.

In a day's riding we've gone from sub-alpine forest to scrubby desert.

It's hard to believe that in a couple days we'll be in a rainforest.

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Ken Seguine said...

Hey Ira and Andrea,

This is Ken & Jay next door to your parent's house in Prairie Farm. I've been enjoying your column in the Hay River Review but this is the first time to visit the blog. What a wonderful trip! I'll be checking back now to see the daily posts. Expect to see your mom & dad this afternoon at the ice cream social fundraiser at Kate Stout's farm for the MS walker gals.

All best wishes,

Ken & Jay