Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting fat like bears.

We've passed through a lot of alpine wilderness since the last post. The climate on this side of the mountains is lush, wet, and far tamer than the craggy mountains and glacial valleys of the past few days. Everything is green, alive, and nurturing.

We camped by the Skagit(rhymes with gadget) River last night, where blackberries bushes hung low under the weight of their fruit.

Blackberries in the morning oatmeal taste like berry cobbler. What a treat!

The Skagit River has so many salmon jumping around in it that it sounds like someone is throwing bricks into the water every couple of minutes.

We'll post a lot more about the mountains, there were some pretty cool things that happened in the past few days. Only a half-hour at the library for now though.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
Thanks for the postcard,memories of WA state, Sometimes I think I see the mountains in the clouds here in flat Indiana, wishful thinking I guess! Sounds like an adventure, could live without the bears tho. Try not to get eaten, ok? Hope you had a nice birthday on the road. You will love the rain forest, it's awesome. We went there once with Corey. WA is a state with a lot of variety. I think the West part is much like the midwest. Over the mountains, very green, moist and temperate. Have an awesome time, wish i was there! Tom's in France right now, how is it I'm stuck in IN? Oh well, avoire for now.