Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is a totally sloppy map of our route so far. There is no accuracy of distance or actual route traveled, but I tried to hit a few of the towns we've passed through.

We're excited to be heading into the West. The last town we camped by had a forty foot deep by twenty foot wide gulch called "Devil's Gulch", supposedly leaped by the stolen horse that Jesse James was riding through town. He shook the posse that was on his tail and escaped with his brother Frank into the Dakota Territory.

My playlist for the last couple days:

Terry Allen - Lubbock on Everything <- favorite by far.
Collector's Series: Americana(insurgent coutry stuff)
The Meatpuppets - II
Brian Jonestown Massacre - various
David Bowie - Low
Johnny Thunders - various
Wayne Hancock - various

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justin said...

Did you snag that Bowie and BJM off me? I'm glad you're digging it!