Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sacred Indian Ground

Ira and I were getting very sick of corn fields as far as the eye can see. So when Ira said he wanted to visited the Pipestone National Monument, I wasn't that excited. It didn't seem possible for anything interesting to be tucked in this area. However, again, I was incredibly surprised.

Pipestone monument is a quarry where the Sioux have been mining pipestone for hundreds of years. They use the stone to craft into their ceremonial peace pipes. This area has always been incredibly sacred to not only the Sioux but all the tribes of the plains region and beyond who traded anything they could for these pipes.

The quarry has a river running through it which over many many years has unearthed walls of quartzite which covers the pipestone. You can walk a 3/4 mile trail which leads around the quarry through walls of rock surrounding the river. It was very beautiful.

In the museum you can watch craftsmen actually working the pipestone into pipes.

Ira and I had a great time and we both highly recommend this spot to any fellow travelers.

P.S. we can't upload any photos at this library, so these photos are borrowed off of google images. Hopefully we'll get some real photos to you soon.

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Anonymous said...

we must always remember this was all Indian Territory. Here in Washington State the 29 tribes lived from coast to coast and we must honor the land on which we stand. One land, One people One Spirit......... This is what we must become to protect our country land. Thank you. Carol O