Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Odds then Ends

I realize we have been leaving lots of things out of our updates because we don't have too much time to update, so here are things which never made it on the other posts, which I don't want to leave out completely.

First of all... here is a very very rough idea of where our route has taken us so far.

We didn't mention this in our Black Hills post, but that doesn't mean we missed it.

While in the Black Hills we looked at lots of old bones. We visited the Natural History Museum in Hill City where hilarity ensued...

We also visited the Mamouth Site where there is the most concentration of Mamoth bones on the continent. An ancient sink hole (an cave which had collapsed) filled with water, where Mamoths fell in and died. We visited the site where we watched a dig in progress. Here I am inviting you into my recreation of a prehistoric mamoth bone hut from the Ukranain area. Don't I make a great cave woman hostess?

Here is Ira testing his manhood by pulling on the horns of the bull at the Wall Drug store. He scored just above wimpy which oddly enough was labeled "trucker".

I don't know. He looks pretty manly to me with his teeth gritted and his camo hat.

Here he is after his big win ($10.00) at a Deadwood Casino. I had a better picture where he is looking more triuphant, but he won't let me use it because he says he looks stupid. I must aquiesce becuase if I don't, who knows what horrible picture of me will end up on here.

Here is Jim Fisher. We met him at the same casino. We liked his outfit so much, I had to get a photo. He seemed really pleased. Hey, Ellen... how do you like this usage of houndstooth?

I would really love this picture if those darned wires weren't in the way. When I get home I'm gonna photoshop them out. But for now...

thats all for now folks.


Jess Theorin said...

Ira and Andrea-

Noah and I have deeply enjoyed living vicariously through your experiences, pictures, and prose. Thank you! It's a lovely pseudo-vacation for the two of us who are stuck in steamy New Haven this summer.

I've been through the Black Hills a few times on family vacations and, it's odd, but I constructed the same hut out of mammoth bones when I visited the Mammoth Site! I even have the requisite picture of me welcoming guests. Great minds must think alike.

Anywho...we look forward to more posts! Remember us when you're in the New England neighborhood. We'd love to see you (and have you crash on our comfy futon).

Jessie (Theorin)

Kevin said...

Hey...I like houndstooth too.