Monday, July 03, 2006

Redwood Falls, MN

Weather has been in the nineties for the last two days, as we left Minneapolis and rolled out into the endless corn and soybean fields of Southern Minnesota. There's nothing but shiny green uniform rows to the horizon. Huge blue sky, hot on the skin- I was sunburned yesterday and am slathered to SPF 6000 today to avoid a repeat experience.

Every ten miles a huge grain elevator looms on the horizon, marking the entrance to another heat-blasted town. Groups of heavy-set old farmers in seed hats crowd around the gas stations. This is the "fly-over" that they warned you about. Not fun to ride through, but fast when you have a tail wind.

Minneapolis was busy, seeing nearly everyone I know from highschool years who decided small-town life was not their thing. Dylan and Rae, you guys were awesome hosts.

We went to the MOA for a couple hours of consumer fantasyland, it is very close to hell.

Minneapolis's best feature is it's diversity. There are so many Hmong, Vietnamese, and various Africans throughout the city. We had tasty Vietnamese noodle salads at Quang and went to a few stores on Cedar Ave. I sat in on a mixing session for the new band Dylan is playing bass in and recorded hand-claps for their new record.

This is us on our thousandth mile:

Thanks again everyone in Mpls who put us up, took us out, and showed us a good time!


[165] said...

Hey you two~

how are the supplies? any Post Office drops or future house addresses you need something sent to?

hit me back via email!

PS> Thousandth mile pic = best ever!

James Dalton said...

Dangit I just missed you in Minneapolis. I'm living in the Twin Cities for the summer. Pretty cool place. If I had some money it would be alot nicer.

Brown Wave said...

Can you post more info about your actual route? I'm struggling to trace it on my atlas with a highlighter.

Anonymous said...

holy hell! ira looks like he's getting HUGE in that picture!