Friday, July 14, 2006

Gluttons for punishment: the Dynamic Duo vs. Badlands Ntl. Park

We cycled Badlands National Park on Wenesday.

It was a tremendous climb with fully loaded bikes and six liters of water each. The temperature in Rapid City was 99 degrees, placing the Badlands somewhere in the hundreds.

Truely spectacular scenery is hard to photograph with a snapshot camera, but below is my attempt. I'll update this post with more photos when we're not so tired.

Two sizes of this image: [1024x136] [3596x480]

Here is part of our water supply.

This is my favorite formation. Pure evil, how much they look like Sno Cones.

The spires, buttes, and palisades go on forever (242,755.94 acres to be exact). We planned to camp in the park at a rustic campsite (no water!) but the heat and exhaustion made us alter our plans and head for town after the senic climb.

We are resting for a couple days outside of Rapid City before cruising the significant locations throughout the Black Hills.

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