Monday, July 03, 2006

soundtrack of the Midwest

Music I have been listening to on my ipod while cruising through the plains.

Magnolia Electric Company. Songs: Ohia
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Wilco
You Are Free. Cat Power
Roomsound. Califone
Five Dollar Bill. Corb Lund Band
Harvest and Harvest Moon. Neil Young
Bob Dylan. Nashville City Skyline (I know there is not city in the title, but I had a friend who always called it that so I do too)

All good folk Rock.

If you are wondering how we charge our ipods, we usually just plug them in whenever we find an outlet, in restaurants, libraries, bathrooms.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kids - Dottie & Deb LOVED your Website - Les had to get it up for us but now that we know about it we will check in more often...We were missing you guys - it being a rare, beautiful 4th-of-July (weather-wise). We walked in the park and thought of you. Love, US

Deborah Rogers said...

Hi from Dot & Deb. Walked through the park today and were thinking /missing you.

Matt Byerly said...


Posting up top as well....just wanted to say "hi". I wish you guys the best!

Keep on truckin'

Matt Byerly

Anonymous said...

bob dylan- with god on our side

"the country i come from, it's called the midwest"