Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What to do in Missoula

The options seem endless. Here are just six.

1) Play bluegrass. It seems like everyone in this town likes country music. We met the Broken Valley Roadshow in Bozeman, and took their invitation to hang out in their home town. It included the high and lonesome sounds of a back-porch session and drinking out of a mason jar.

2) Hunt elk. The guy we stayed with claimed to live off of it. He and a buddy split one last year and there are still eating the meat. They cooked a couple steaks for us.

3) Fly fish. Every store has a fishing section, and you can actually eat out of the rivers.

4) Drink beer. There are three breweries, at least two of which are awesome. We didn't check the third, but locals attest to it's quality.

Kettle House is a straight-up microbrewery. It's the kind of place that makes you want to hang out all day. The have a couple of nitrogen-charged beers(think Guiness or Bodingtons).

Bayern makes authentic German-style lagers. They also have cats all over the place, and make Trout Slayer, the best bottled beer around here.

5) Go mountain biking. We rode in the Rattlesnake Rec Area on borrowed bikes. It was some of the best off-road riding I've ever done.

6) Go on a bike tour. Adventure Cycling, authors of the most comrehensive maps ever, are located here. The gave us free ice cream and took our picture.


[165] said...

Did you guys do the Bike Tour? Might have been a nice change of pace?

Hagenface said...

How are those Chrome pants holding up?
I see you still got em on.

muccapazza said...

Dude, looks like you need to shave again! Good choice "de"touring to Missoula.

Ira said...

The Chrome pants are working great, and I wear 'em every day.

I got a shave and a haircut within an hour of that picture!

Hagenface said...

I hope you washed them at least once so far.