Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hello. No time for pics etc, the Helena public library only gives us 30 min of use. So to be brief. We've been in Montana a little less then a week and I can tell you right now, I really like Montana. We stayed with a Ira's friend, Randy in Boseman which was very fun, and we stayed with an awesome family last night in Helena. We met Colleen and Logan (her five year old son) outside the library yesturday and after hearing of our adventure immediatly invited us home with her for dinner, a warm shower and inside sleeping accomodations!! How wonderful.

We are funning a week ahead of schedule (i of course meant to write running, but then i reread it and kind of liked funning, so i'm leaving it) so we have decided to mozy up to Missoula and then back track east to Glacier Ntl. Park.

More from Montana later, with more pictures of course.


sean gauvreau said...

Hey guys. BCO poster 'linds' told me about this site:

check it out

Pimp of the Nation said...

Please enjoy Glacier. Honestly, that is one of my favorite places in the world.

hereNT said...

Missoula! You have to post pics of my hometown!

This guy might be able to help you out with a place to stay and such:

My dad's got a big place in the woods near Alberton, if you end up heading that direction. There's a lot of extra space, I could probably get him to hook you up.

Come to think of it, a good friend of his owns an awesome bed and breakfast out there - she might put you up for a night for some publicity...