Saturday, August 12, 2006

We climb mountains and love dogs.

We crossed the Continental Divide at MacDonald Pass. Not to sound like a total wimp, but we had a headwind the entire time and it was really hard.

We triumphed, however. As you can see, this was not our highest pass.

We camped in the national forest at the top of the hill. It was beautiful, and at night a weird phenomenon occured: there was a faint blinking light shining against one side of out tent. It flashed on every four seconds, for a durration of a second. When veiwed from the outside, it appeared to be coming from within the tent! We investigated the light very thoroughly and were unable to figure out anything more about it's origin. SPOOKY!

Andrea is drinking from an artesian well on the side of the mountain. There were two vans full of people from Helena who were filling jugs and tanks of water.

"It's the only water I drink," said one woman, "The city water is full of chemicals to kill algea and things."

This couple, from Gaylord, MI, is riding the Continental Divide with their dogs. The dog run up the hills and ride down in the trailers.

We ran into them in Ovando, MT, which is a camping area designated by Adventure Cyling. The trail they are riding is all off-road, and the have to be cautious about bears that try to eat their dogs.

I think that having a dog that will go moutain biking with you is just about the greatest thing.

How could a bear eat something this cute?

We are in Missoula right now, and having a great time.


Janice said...

The dog pics are too cute-I am hoping that you two haven't seen any grizzlys yet-I really would rather the bears ate the dogs!!! Love you both and I'm REALLY enjoying the pics. said...

You gotta love people who travel like this. As for the bears,they may say the cuter, the tastier. Glad they're wearing bells.

karen newberry said...

I love the biking dogs! I can see myself and Ziggy (not so sure about Tom). Why is your helmet hanging off the side of your bike in the tunnel photo? (just looking out for you). I have a couple of friends in Seattle area, one in Issaquah, one in Bonney Lake, so if you go around that part, give me a call and I'll hook you up. Have fun!

[165] said...

I am thinking of sending you more bags to carry - so you can fill them full of jerky!!!! FOR ME!!!

ride safe and thanks a ton for the call!!!