Thursday, August 17, 2006

Home is where you hang your hat.

To give you all a better idea of where we stay, I've taken pictues of the places we have stayed for the past week. This week is not completely representational of our trip so far because we only camped out once. We have been incredibly lucky and have scored places to stay every night since last friday night. Usually we are not so lucky. This is this weeks list of our resting spots.

Thursday August 10. Ovando, MT. As you read in the very popular "doggy" post about the people we met touring with their English Cocker Spanials, we happily happened upon a free campsite on the Continental Divide route. We pitched our tent next to the museum in the town square. (The entire town pretty much consists of one street and the town square). The town allows cyclists to camp for free and even supplies a porta-poty.

Friday August 11 - Sunday August 13. We camped out in a son of Ira's parents friends house who lives in Missoula. We were each supplied with an air matress and had our own bathroom downstairs with a shower. Very cushy.

Monday August 14 - Tuesday August 15. Colleen who had been so cool to put us up in Helena had given us a name of a friend in Polson on the base of Flathead Lake. We called up Doug and Andrea and they were incredibly hospitable. Not only did they take us in for one night, feed us and give us beer, but they invited us to stay another night! Their house is nestled in the hills at the base of the Mission Mountains, and we spent the next day hiking through the woods near their house and kiyaking on Flathead Lake. Thanks guys!!

Wed. August 16. Doug and Andrea also hooked us up with a place to stay in Kalispell with their friend Betsy. We pulled in sweaty and stinky and Betsy was ready with dinner, a movie and warm beds. We spent the night in her son's room who was away at his father's house. We woke up this morning to eggs with fresh basil, toast and veggie sausages.

Betsy has given us names of friends to stay with further on down our route. Ira is planning on posting further on the different way in which all the people we stayed with are connected and thier photos so stay tuned.

Thanks sooo much to Colleen and Fam in Helena, Tyler in Missoula, the Doug and Andrea in Polson, Betsy and Fam in Kalispell for all the hospitality, it really means a lot to us!!

We're on to Glacier National Park. I am very excited to visit. You may not hear from us for a week though, so just be warned.


DougR said...

Hey Andrea,
Did you guys ride into that storm? We kept glancing northwards Wednesday and were wondering how your trip up to Betsy's went. Sounds like you might have stopped at the Raven in Woods Bay... nice, huh? Also, be sure to say hi to Dawson Pass when in Two Medicine (and get a huckshake) for us while you're there. It was fun hosting you two for a few days. We were glad to be a little piece of your story. Ride well, ride happy!
Doug Ruhman, Polson MT

aram said...

Ira and Andrea, hey it is Aram from RT. I am now in North Bend Wa. Stop by the only bike shop in town if you pass through. Aram
aramwest @ Yahoo