Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lake effect fun

Water is a big deal out West, and doublely as much for Andrea and I, who are Great Lakes kids. We get super excited whenever there's a lake to jump in, especially if it's big and clean.

Flathead Lake, the largest in Montana, is twenty eight miles of refreshing mountain goodness. It's mostly on the Flathead Indian Reservation, and is clean enough to fish, swim, or do any other lake-orieted activity you can imagine.

We swam and kayaked for two days, and spent all day yesterday cruising along it's shore.

Our new friends Doug and Andrea put us up for two nights and showed us around the area. Doug's the one who took us kayaking. I'll post soon about all of the great people that we've been staying with.

This hill is behind their house- it heads directly to the lake and is made of trecherous gravel. I'm about to attempt some moutainbike action.

There are cherry orchards all along the east side of the lake. The season is almost over, and you could buy a pound of fruit for a buck. We ate them on the spot and spit pits on the roadside.

Andrea swam here but it was too cold for me! All of the other times we were near the water it felt tropical.

We had some tasty beers on the north shore, from a little brewery across the street from the lake. There was a little patio overlooking the lake, and it felt like being on a boat. Everything was painted bright colors, like we were in Africa or South America.

I keep thinking that it's funny how non-western Montana feels, it's really wild and arty. I guess I was used to the ranchers, cowboys, and sagebrush in Wyoming.


Anonymous said...

Ira and Andrea,

I miss you guys and......

how many times have you had to change, repair your tubes on your total ride?

lemme know

shawn khoury

Scott and Erica said...

Hello Andrea and Ira!
Just checking in with you two. Thanks for the postcards, they were quite thoughtful. Your trip looks like it is going quite well for the both of you. School is starting up next week, so we will be under academic lockdown, but we certainly will check in every now and again.
Peace and safe travels,
Scott and Erica

DougR said...

That hill suddenly looks formidable! After that part, I hope you guys had a smooth ride up the Lake (note how we capitalize her, like a deity). We'll be following you around here on the web; looking forward to reading more of your adventures and explorations of humanity and beer.

Ride happy,
Doug Ruhman

niki said...

hey guys, Montana is one of my favorite places, thanks for making me feel like i'm back there again.

Also, i don't know if you want to go through a city, but i have two friends, Chad and Kirsten, in Portland OR who would be happy to have you. You can contact Chad through his website Yay!
love niki

Telly T. said...

Upon first glance, that first pic of Andrea looks like she's knitting something fancy schmancy lake-side. That or I need new glasses...

Either way, safe travels!

Anonymous said...


Hey, this is Chris, Hanah from AFS's boyfriend. Not sure if you are checking these comments, but if you are, email me at If you are going to be near Folsom, CA at some point, I know a cyclist out there that will put you up for a day or two.
He even has extra beds:)