Sunday, July 08, 2007

Charlottetown, PEI

I spent the day roaming around the city.

First I went to the Farmers makert. It is more of a multi-cultural food fair then a real farmers market, since I only saw two or three vegitable stands.

The man in the kilt bbq'd up an awesome sundried tomato sausage which I ate with onions and saurkraut. YUM!

In case you are wondering about the kilt... The maritime provinces all have a huge Scottish population. The accent here actually has a bit of a celtic ring to it, It sounds like a mix of a Canadian accent and an irish accent. Everyone's name here starts with Mac.

Then I rode across town to ride through Vicoria Park, and all the beautiful old houses surrounding it.

Here is a better view of the lighthouse.

Then I went downtown.

And I went to the...

People here on the island love Anne of Green Gables a lot, which is good because so do I. Aren't these little girls cute!!!

They love Anne so much, most of the farm houses are painted white with green trim.

When I was done at the Anne Store, I went over the the Bluesfest going on in the street. I watched this awesome band- The Saddle River String Band. They play classic blues tunes with a bluegrass style. The frontman was even play the kazoo. It was really a lot of fun!!

Then it was icecream time. Cow's ice cream has been voted to be Canada's number one ice cream, and it was goooood! I had gooey mooey. Vanilla with caramel and chocolate caramel cups. Here is my host Savanah (on the right) with Stephanie. They are both totally enjoying their selections.

Then it was off home, to play with the kittens!

Because I can't resist...These guys above look big at 11 weeks compared to how small they were when Todd and Savanah found them in the ditch at two weeks. UHHHH!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea-I assume you are in Michigan now with your family-I am sure that you are happy to see them all and also to finish your bike trip. Ira is here helping me with my computer-Take care and hope to see you soon-Love-Janice