Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The emphasis lately has been on the completion of the tour, but I'd like to touch
on how rad Halifax is. We haven't even dug into the insider scene, just hitting
pubs on the waterfront and crusing around on unloaded bikes.

I'm going to diverge and talk about that picture: Mussels! There's a half kilo inthat bowl, seasoned "Bangkok" style with curry coconut and ginger, courtesy of the Halifax Ale House. I've overlooked mussels for too long and the Canadian coast is a perfect place to rectify that. We've ordered them two times, and they've been some tasty little sea creatures.

I'll catch up on the picture-posting later.

There will be more about this town too in the next couple days, as hinted above. My wireless signal is crap right now so I gotta go...

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Andrea said...

Jesus, I look retarded in that picture. Thanks for posting it.