Saturday, June 23, 2007

Continuation of a popular theme...

I knew I'd been missing something. Beer! In Portland Maine, for the second day in a row, we ran into a couple in a red Volkswagen, wandering around New England just like us. They had a beer-map, with brewery locations listed for the area. We found out that yes, there were many of these in Portland, and yes, we were invited to accompany them. The first place we visited was Allagash, named for a river in northern Maine and specialising in Belgian-style beers.

Allagash bottles their specialty beers in 750 ml bottles with corks. This bad boy does the corkin'.

Beer goggles! Haha get it? I'm hilarious. And stylish.

A block from Allagash was Geary's brewery, which isn't as widely distributed and who's beer I'd never tried. They were closing for the day but agreed to a short tour. It was the best brewery tour I've had! Our guide Steve was not only a brewer but the engineer resposible for laying out the whole place.

Claire and Ravi next to open fermetation tanks at Geary's brewery.

Steve uses a condenser coil to serve us beer from the tank.

Steve next to the hop percolator. Wort is pumped through this thing to mix it with hop juice. Steve was an amazing source of beer knowledge.

Guess which hand is mine? We spent the next few hours hanging out in town, exhausted from the extensive sampling.

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