Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Ancient Mariners

Most people on the Nova Scotia coast make their living as fisherman; lobster mostly.
The sea plays a huge role in the lives of the people here and they are very proud of their maritime heritage. Here is a memorial we passed yesterday

We've been touring a lot of lighthouses as we go along the coast.

This is the Seal Island Lighthouse.

You can climb to the top and see the lens. This lens took 1000 watt bulbs and could be seen for 18 miles.

A whale skeleton was laid out for display in this driveway.

We've been visiting museums which display many of the antique methods of fishing. In the front you can see an unopened can of lobster from the 1890's. Yum!

Whaling used to be a huge business in this area. On display at the museum we visited today was an antique whale harpoon gun.

And last but not least, mutant lobster claws!


brent said...

light bulbs in the light houses. i thought it was kerosene up there.

Ira said...

Yeah, they used to be kerosene vapor, and before that, whale and seal oil! This setup is circa the 1970's.