Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Barrington, NS

I can't think of a more Canadian food than poutine, so we ordered some for lunch. Though not on the menu, I overheared the waitress talking about lobster poutine! I regret not ordering it. All that people seem to do around here is fish for lobster. Villages will often be nothing more than some houses near a fishery. Maybe a shop selling industrial marine supplies, but not even groceries or a gas station.

It makes me sad to think about how impoverished the area is, and how dangerous a fisherman's life must be. There are monuments in every town to those who went out to sea and never came back. Every fisherman's yard is heaped with lobster traps, bouys, and giant coils of rope, making it easy to see how many rely on the trade.

Tonight we are camped by a huge old lighthouse. The coastal Highway 3 is marked as "The Lighthouse Route", and we've been making a point to visit as many of them as possible. They are short, wide, and octagonal on this part of the coast.

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Karen newberry said...

Hey guys,
Had to catch up with ya, been a while. Just got back from Alaska, awesome! You should bike the route from Anchorage to Seward, they even have bike trails most of the way. We went rafting, salmon fishing, hiking in Denali and a cruise at Seward to see the whales and glaciers. had lunch right next to a glacier, doesn't get any better! We are headed, or atleast some of us are, to Grandma's cottage next week. The pics of Maine remind me of our honeymoon. We went to Maine cause we were poor! Camped a bit, lots of fun. Take care of yourselves. did Emily send you the picture I took of you two at the wedding? It turned out well, will email it to you later. Love ya, Karen