Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What feels like sun and smells like sawdust?

My eyeballs and face are getting fried, due to the trickery of overcast days. Wearing sunglasses and sunblock every day is no fun, and somehow I convinced myself that because it's autum and and cold outside I was safe from the UV rays. Two days in a row, my face is swollen and my eyes feel like too much TV.

This is a couple days ago, when it was sunny. There were seals splashing around in the waves below this cliff.

Oregon seems to think they have too many trees, because they've decided to clear-cut them whenever they get a chance. The hilltops look worse than the top of my head. I can't fault them for making money, but it looks like crap and I can't image that it's great for the watersheds. Be careful, guys! You could end up like the Northern Midwest, which used to be covered by soaring two-hundred-foot White Pines and was completely deforested in the 1800's. Now we have to travel all the way out here just to see big trees.

We met an interesting group of Canadian bicycle tourists yesterday(sorry, no pictures). They are skilled in various aspects of communication arts and are shooting a documentary of their ride from Vancouver to Panama. I hope we will get to see it. They have a blog too.

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Belinda said...

Holy poo you're at the ocean! If my 5th hour 8th graders don't stop being a-holes, I'm coming to find you all, because what you're doing sounds way better. I have awe for your phyisical abilities. Sunscreen is good: but maybe you need a big baseball hat. I LOVE THOSE EYEBALL COSTUMES: very good for shop teachers to show the dangers of eye safety. Thinking about doing that... it's coming up, after all. Maybe you all can get to san fran by then! That's probably way to far, right? I bet S.F. has a hot haloween scene. My geography is terrible right now. GOOD JOB IRA AND ANDREA!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO HOT!