Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ira vs. the Gualala bear

We're in Bodega Bay, two days out of SF! Humbolt and Mendocino counties had enough hills to make us thoroughly miserable, but it looks like smooth sailing now. Sorry, still no pictures.

A bear raided our camp last night and ate all of my granola bars! Somehow, despite the bear on the state flag and every government seal, I managed to convince myself that it was ok to leave the food in my pannier, and the little bastard ate all three of them. I had to lay there in the tent and listen to him snuffling around and chomping on my food, afraid to go out and interfer, risking dismemberment. As soon as he left, I went outside in only my boxer shorts and surveyed the expected carnage. It sounded like he was shredding everything! It turned out he was nice enough to unzip my bag and only eat the food, leaving everything else intact. There were a couple muddy paw-prints on my pannier and one on the container of Gatorade powder that he had unsucessfuly tried to access. I'm glad we're not dealing with any more nature for a while.


Anonymous said...

Are youz Guyz gunna be back in Chicago for the Holidayze???

Anonymous said...

'Ira vs. the Gualala bear'
Sounds like a great title for a childrens book.
Or an Ultimate Fighting League cage match.

Ira said...

Yes, we'll be back for nearly three months before starting phase two.