Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't love us and leave us.

We've gotten a lot of comments on our "Mission Accomplished; Phase I" post. Thanks to all who have been keeping up with us, especially to those who've been with us since the begining. I should have been more clear in the last post, because although this is the final destination of Phase I, there is definitly going to be a Phase II. I wanted to clarify for those of you who may have tuned in more recently and aren't privy to all our plans.

We are not done riding. We are taking our mid-day siesta. In February, we will fly to Austin, TX and ride the Gulf Coast, up the East Coast to the Maritime Provinces. We have another six months of riding planned.

The blog will not be inactive for the three months siesta, however. We plan to fill it up with odds and ends, outtakes, and good stuff we didn't have time to put in. There is soooo much other stuff that happened besides what we had time to write up with our hour time limit at the library. So please stay tuned. IT'S FAR FROM OVER!


amber in vancouver said...

4,700 congrats! you guys are amazing.
thanks SO much for the wicked postcard! it's ohsoframable.

i promise we will try our best to get our windy asses to your windy city ASAP.

Tim said...

To our 2-wheeled friends:
We're soooo excited for you and your accomplishment, and grateful that you made it safely. Enjoy your rest before the next leg.
Tim, Nancy and kids from Warren,OR

adam in nebraska said...

i stumbled across your blog and just spent an hour reading it in its entirety. very inspiring and fun to follow along with your adventures.

loved the entry about the psychology of climbing a mountain pass!

congrats on making your dreams happen and best of luck with Phase II.

Anonymous said...

Please start riding again. I need something to read and someone to live vicariously through. Can't wait for part two! -jaypee