Monday, March 06, 2006

Instead of cleaning the house...

I'm wasting my time reading tour journals. I've been using her packing list as a guide, somewhat. Its interesting to see what different people bring with them on the road

Crazy Guy on a Bike hosts a bunch of travellogs. Everyone has such different takes on how to do this. Here is an assortment of equiptment lists. Heidi Domeisen's account of her continental divide ride is particularly amazing.

Everything is gearing up for May. Andrea and I both gave our two-months notice, and both of our jobs were very positive and encouraging about the trip, going so far as to offer us our positions back when we return. It feels great to get that kind of response, and it makes our parents worry about us a little less as well. We feel very fortunate to have such great bosses.

The logistics of what to do with all of our belongings is a big project. We will rent a storage space, but most of our stuff will be sold in April. Anyone looking for a couch? A TV? Seriously, just about everything must go, I'll post the details later.

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