Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Andrea Checking In...

Hello, this is Andrea checking in. People have been wondering where I was and why I haven't posted yet. The answer is connected with a clarification and correction I feel needs to be made on Ira's previous posts. In the past posts where he speaks of all the work "we" have been doing packing etc, replace the "we" with "Andrea" and you have it about right. I haven't had a chance to post because while Ira has been putzing on the computer, I have been the one doing all the organizing.
Just joking, Ira. The real reason is I am not the best writer in the world and am slightly afraid of this whole new blogging world. To warn you all, I do not spell very well either. All you english majors can go crazy with your red pens. Anyhow, just felt like I needed to get that out of the way.

The past couple of weeks have been strange indeed. We've been planning this trip for the past year and it is very surreal to be finally getting so close to our goal. I have been done with work for the past week and a half. Friday, April 21 was my last day.
Here are two pictures of my last day. I am unemployed in the lower picture. It felt good to be done with work. However, though I have no set schedule or pay check, I am still doing a lot of work at home. You can see from Ira's previous logs, packing and moving is always busy. Especially when you have Uhaul putting crinks in the works. The moving is done, but now we must get ready for our apartment sale this weekend. Then cleaning the apartment to get our security deposit back. And then... the road.

Ira's logs previously have been mostly about our gear. This has probably been one of the most difficult aspects of this trip particularly for myself. Finding the right gear for such a prolonged trip is very difficult. When you add my indecisive yet exacting nature with the fact finding cycling gear for women is much more difficult then for men, it has become next to impossible. However, we are starting to get there. The most difficult items to decide on were shoes, a saddle, jerseys, shorts and of course a swim suit. So reviewing that list, I realize, I am a total girl. The two things I care most about are the comfort of my butt and privates and my fashion asthetic on the bike. Well so be it. I won't go into description of all my gear, but I am sure you are all wondering most about the most important piece of gear I mentioned above, which would be my swimsuit. After trying on many swimsuits which made me look like a beached whale in spandex, I found this wonderful little number off the Esther Williams website.
I got a red and white polka dot fabric instead of the floral print. It's great. The bottoms come with a built in girddle! You've got the love the 50's designs. But believe it or not, the suit is incredibly comfortable! Hopefully I will have lots of excusses of using it.

Well, enough prattling. I need to get back to organizing my sale. More later.

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Kay said...

Andrea- I love that suit!I am going to check it out and maybe get one for myself. I hope you have lots of chances to wear it:)